2021 Emergency Response Matching Fund

2021 Emergency Response Matching Challenge

Dear Team Place of Hope,

Thank you for investing in the lives of hundreds of abused children, homeless youth and families, pregnant teens and survivors of human trafficking in our care each day at Place of Hope! I am honored to serve our community as the Founding CEO alongside heroes like you. Together, in our 20th year, we are bringing help, healing and most importantly, hope to the lives of those marked with tremendous suffering.

In 2020 as we faced unprecedented times from the COVID-19 crisis, 800 donors and over 100 businesses stepped up to Place of Hope’s Emergency Response Matching Fund Challenge. These contributions made our frontline service to the most vulnerable possible. We also received countless in-kind gifts of food, clothing and other essentials. Even during this time of uncertainty, we celebrated the graduation of 16 young adults from high school pursuing post-secondary schooling, 2 college graduations, 22 children adopted by their forever parents, 16 moms-to-be become responsible new moms and educated 31,600 community members on the tragedies and red-flags of human trafficking.

While we are blown away by the generosity God has placed on so many hearts to give, we are not out of the woods yet.

Challenges we typically face to raise necessary funding were exacerbated by the pandemic. Therefore, we are creating a 2021 Fund that will match all donations given to the Emergency Response Matching Fund up to $650,000. Your matched gifts will ensure the continued success of our programs serving those in need and prepare for the year ahead. We have adapted and re-imagined many efforts and events due to COVID-19. Now, as we celebrate 20 years, we want to make sure each of our events and initiatives have a lasting impact and have set high ambitions.

Thanks to the collaboration of key generous and concerned mission partners, the 2021 Emergency Response Fund will match your donation, at any level, on a dollar-for-dollar basis for all gifts until we reach $650,000. This unique, compassion-filled collaboration of families, foundations, businesses and organizations, along with your gifts will immediately address our significant funding gaps and ensure success, stability and dignity. For every gift given at or above $1,000, we will also have a commemorative brick inscribed with your name and installed at either our new Lane Center or our Leighan and David Rinker Campus!

At Place of Hope we are dedicated to being good stewards of contributions and focus all our resources to break generational cycles of abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness and human trafficking. If you can help Place of Hope’s children, youth and families at this time, we humbly thank you. If you are able, please give today at www.placeofhope.com/emergencymatchingfund/or mail to:

Place of Hope (c/o Emergency Response Matching Fund)

9078 Isaiah Lane, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


Our 20 years of impact are because of God’s provision and your faithful support. Thank you for being a part of positive change in our community and world!



Place of Hope