Summer is here and so is the summer heat wave! Many parents seek ways to keep their kids out of the high temperatures while also creating an educational environment. These five activities will help keep your kids cool and off the couch during the summer months while they are out of school.


Sponge Ball Toss

Those multi-packs of colorful sponges are useful for more than just scrubbing in the kitchen! They can be found almost anywhere and are an inexpensive way to cultivate fun.

You will need:



-Twine or rubber bands

Cut the sponges into strips and tie them together using twine or a rubber band. Then soak the tied sponge strips in water and they turn into fun sponge balls! They are soft and easy to grab which makes them great for smaller children. In addition, they do not break like water balloons which makes clean up a breeze!


Paint with Ice


On days the summer heat feels unbeatable, pull out some food coloring and an ice cube tray to help your little ones stay cool while they create works of art! (This activity should be done outside to avoid any stains)

You will need:


-Food coloring

-Ice cube tray

-Popsicle Sticks (optional)


Fill an ice cube tray with water and then mix different colors into each section of the tray. Add popsicle sticks in each section for easy grip and then freeze the tray. Remove once completely solid. Bring the tray outside and let your kids create works of art by dragging the ice cubes over paper or the sidewalk. Watch beautiful water colors emerge as the ice cubes melt!


Make Your Own Freeze Pops

Homemade freeze pops are a delicious way to stay cool and hydrated during the summer months.

You will need:


-Sports drink mix of your choosing

-Popsicle mold

Mix your sports drink mix with water following the recommended servings on the label. Pour into the popsicle mold and leave in freezer until frozen. Enjoy!



Encourage a spirit of exploration in your kids by allowing them to excavate small toys hidden in ice.

You will need:

-Medium Sized Container (must be able to be frozen)


-Small toys or items to

-Food coloring (optional)


-Toothpicks or Chopsticks

Fill your container with water halfway, leaving room for toys and for the water to expand. Mix in food coloring and then add toys into the water. Put your container of toys in the freezer until frozen. Pour salt on the ice block and watch the ice crystalize. Use the toothpicks and chopsticks to free the treasures from the ice!


Sensory Water Bin

Keep your children cool while they splash and explore in a sensory water bin!

You will need:

-Large container


-Ice Cubes

-Water Safe Toys

-Glitter or confetti (optional)

-Food Coloring (optional)

Place container outside or in an area that is easy to clean. Fill your container with water and mix in food coloring, glitter or confetti depending on your preferences. Add ice cubes and water safe toys to the container. Use texturized toys of varying shapes and sizes to allow your child to feel the differences. You can add beads, seashells, marbles or any other water safe items you have around the house. Let your kids splash in the water and feel the different types of objects in the container.