“We met on my very first day at Place of Hope as she was my cleaning assistant. I got to know her and a month later she asked me to be her mentor. My family fell in love with her from day one, and God unexpectedly called us to adopt her. We were taken completely by surprise and so was she as it was her plan to remain at Place of Hope until she aged out of foster care at 18. We made the announcement to the family in December and began the process of licensing our home to be able to foster her until she was eligible for adoption. After going through the training and starting that process, God blessed us with a house and we had to put the licensing process on hold. One week after we moved into our new home we were informed that some things had changed and she could move in with us without becoming a licensed foster home. We are currently in our 90 day window and should be on track to finalize the adoption by the end of September! She has been such a blessing to our life and is definitely an unexpected miracle for our whole family.”

Janine King was our former Office Assistant at Place of Hope on our Paxson Campus. We are incredibly thankful for the King Family and for all of our other foster and adoptive families who selflessly answer the call to love and support our kids for however long the time frame. Learn how you can become a foster parent