Angel Moms and Dads

Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring awareness to the needs of youth who have aged out of the foster care system or are otherwise homeless. Our intention is to accomplish this through personal service, hands on involvement, mentorship and an annual financial commitment.

The Need

Right here in Palm Beach County, hundreds of young adults struggle with homelessness and the lack of a support system. With a focus on aged-out foster youth and young adults in crisis, our Villages of Hope program seeks to provide the consistency, guidance and relationship that are critical for successful independence. Sadly, the reality is that when children turn 18 years old and become adults without the help of an affirming community:

  • 30% struggle with homelessness
  • 63% do not complete high school
  • 55% remain unemployed
  • 38% of those employed will lose their job within one year
  • 62% cannot accessing health care
  • 50% rely on public assistance
  • 42% are arrested
  • 60% of women become pregnant within 12-18 months

Membership Expectations

  • Suggested minimum of 10 hours of service annually (volunteer, committee, etc.)
  • Take a tour of our campus to fully understand our model of care
  • Host a Party with a Purpose with your circle of influence, or invite others to Angel Moms & Dads’ events, to raise awareness and introduce us to your friends
  • Suggested $1,000 annual giving or in-kind donation/service (can be monetary, time, supplying for needs, etc.)
  • Monthly mentorship or hands-on involvement with program (if member is interested)

To learn more or to sign up, please contact: Jamie Bond, Advancement Associate.[email protected]