Place of Hope Education and Enrichment Program

Place of Hope’s Education and Enrichment Program is the wraparound layer for youth and young adults in our care for the purpose of equipping residents for eventual healthy and successful independence. Our education and enrichment layer provides for residents in all programs (family-style foster care, emergency placement, maternity care, human trafficking survivor services and affordable housing program) and alumni. This program manages educational workshops, health and wellness activities, experiential trips and activities, extracurricular fun and the community volunteers and partnerships that make it possible.

This is the next level in strategically and purposefully meeting these very needs that Place of Hope (ages under 18) and Villages of Hope (ages 18 and up) have always met in an organic way. As a structured program, resources and partnerships have an environment to thrive. This enables us to manage quality resources and opportunities for the program whole and specific opportunities personalized for those within the programs.

What We Do

  • Develop and manage community network of partnerships and volunteers (individuals and groups)

  • Prepare resources and organize speaker arrangements for independent living life skill trainings each month for various ages levels
  • Meet with older teens and new young adults to discuss, assess and build relationships to ensure resources are established for individual needs and aspirations
  • Arrange and manage individual mentorships for residents in all programs and cottage mentors for campus maternity and foster homes
  • Connect volunteers with residents for resume writing and connect residents with job opportunities
  • Provide wraparound continuity for residents transitioning from Place of Hope to Villages of Hope
  • Maintain relationships and resources for Place of Hope residents that leave for college or other steps of independence
  • Plan and execute annual leadership and career days; organize small group job site visits
  • Run multiweek Excel Leadership Institute through the summer
  • Maintain scholarship resources for private high school, higher education and vocation trainings that continue to grow and include Helping Hands Foundation, Kazma Family Fund, Wanda Jenkins Scholarship, Frione Family, Opal, The Daisy Fund and others
  • Oversee health and wellness program with onsite fitness centers, nutrition education and weekly activities
  • Coordinate special occasion provisions and celebrations including welcome care packages, birthday cake donations, annual graduation celebration event, end of school party, community hosted program activities and holiday celebrations
  • Manage in kind donated service and item donations and coordinated collection drives for programs
  • Human trafficking prevention presentations throughout the community and internal small group prevention sessions with residents


Berlin Enrichment Center

On January 31,2018 Place of Hope dedicated the Berlin Family Foundation Education and Enrichment Center. This building plays an essential role in ensuring the children and youth at Place of Hope are given the keys to create a successful future. We were so blessed to see the community come together to dedicate and officially open the enrichment center.

Place of Hope cannot say thank you enough to all the capital campaign partners that made this dream a reality. We want to extend a sincere thank you to the Berlin Family Foundation and their vision to create this space for those that call Place of Hope home. The Berlin Family has played an essential role in the success of Place of Hope. Place of Hope is thankful that they had a vision to create a space where the children who call Place of Hope home can grow and learn.

The Berlin Family Foundation Computer Lab has 10 computers available. With our world becoming more and more digital, we want to ensure our kids are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need.
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The James and Claudine Kirkwood Fund of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Music Room is a creative space for our kids to express themselves! There are multiple guitars, a piano and music stands. We encourage our kids to pursue their passion and drive in life. For those that find comfort in music, this gives them the opportunity to express that.
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The Covell Family Multi-Purpose Training Lab has tables and chairs set in a classroom style. There is a TV and podium located at the front of the room. Our kids are able to experience life-skills classes here, such as: budgeting, resume building and interview coaching.
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The Helga Marston Charitable Trust Mishpacha Life and Learning Wing is home to the Multipurpose Training Lab, Music Lounge, Library, Enrichment Offices, Supply Room and Tutoring & Mentoring Rooms. This wing offers the Place of Hope children and youth the opportunity to grow and learn through many different avenues. At the dedication Bernadine Atkins stated that they chose the word “Mishpacha” because it means family. That is what she wants the Place of Hope children to feel when they walk into the enrichment center.

The Wyatt Koch Communications Learning Lab is an area where the kids are able receive one-on-one training on photography and video production. This room is set in a lounge style, offering a comfortable place for them to receive lessons on communications and life-skills.
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The Roger B. Rankin Library gives the children in our care access to a variety of books that will help them in their academics. They are able to come in after school, or on the weekends, to grab a book and have an environment they can read in.
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The Tutoring & Mentoring Center allows our children to receive tutoring and mentoring in an environment that is comfortable for them. This offers space, outside of the Family Cottages, that volunteers can come in and help our kids with their school work or consistent mentoring visits.
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The Stoops Family Foundation Style and Beauty Lounge is a multi-purpose room where our kids can get haircuts! Joe, at Barbers Edge, has been graciously donating his services, and time, and we are so excited to move him into a more permanent location. Joe also donated the barber chair and vanity that is stationed beautifully in the room. This lounge focuses on building confidence and inner beauty with the children and youth.
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The Gray Fitness Center

Johnny and Terry Gray were taking a tour of the Place of Hope Paxson Campus when they saw a little boy playing basketball. He was using a basketball hoop that was worn down. The Gray’s went home with that picture in their minds and decided the children should have something better. After much thought and planning the Gray Fitness Center changed from a vision and became a reality. This facility offers a variety of ways for the kids to learn the importance of exercise and health.

Located directly outside of the Gray Fitness Center is a full-size basketball and volleyball court for the kids. Inside the fitness center, the main area has free weights, treadmills, and sled training. There is also a multi-purpose studio that can be used for classes to teach our kids.

Our Fit for Hope program encourages gyms throughout the community to raise awareness and funds to benefit Place of Hope. This has been things such as a fall festival, rowing distance challenges, WOD competitions and so many more! We have been blessed by the many gyms that have partnered with us in past years. The funds that are raised through this campaign go to help cover annual operating expenses.

We are so thankful for The Gray’s support and vision to see the Gray Fitness Center come to life. Place of Hope is excited to also partner with local gyms in our community. This gives them the opportunity to come to our campus and teach our kids different exercises. This can range from yoga, Pilates, weight training, cardio intervals, and even health discussions.

Boswell Family Education & Training Academy


Through our Shade Tree Family Outreach Program located in our Boswell Family Education and Enrichment Academy, we are providing family outreach and intervention programs, family strengthening initiatives, and critical services to families and children who are navigating the child welfare system.

Our Boswell Family Education and Enrichment Academy has been established and is located within our Seymore St. John Outreach Center. Here we will be providing not only essential care for the children, youth and families on our campus like mentoring and tutoring, but also a wide range of enriching opportunities including life-skills development classes, leadership and career days, as well as our Excel Leadership Institute, and scholarship opportunities.

Within the Boswell Family Education and Enrichment Academy, is our Morgridge Family Foundation Training, Education and Gathering Space. This space creates an opportunity for Place of Hope to not only serve those in our residential daily care, but also those within the local community who will benefit from these educational and enriching services and opportunities.