11 Jul

Fit for Hope

Get Fit for Hope!

Exercise plays a large roll in being healthy and happy. Even with a hectic schedule, you should always make time to improve your health!

Get “Fit for Hope”:

Our summer campaign, “Fit for Hope,” just kicked off. This is a great campaign to get involved with to help you reach your fitness goals as well as help local foster kids in our care. Take on a fitness challenge and call on your friends to do the same! To learn more about a participating gym/location click here. Below are some great and simple ideas that you can incorporate into your day while also making an impact.


Walk an additional 1,682 steps to represent the number of children in Palm Beach County who were removed from their homes due to neglect and abuse.


For the month of June, set a goal of 300 push-ups to reflect the number of children and youth who are in the care at Place of Hope daily.


Complete 30 squats each day to celebrate the over 30 young girls who, through Place of Hope, were rescued from Domestic Minor Trafficking.


Share the Fit for Hope campaign with 75 friends to signify the number of sibling groups Place of Hope’s Family Cottages has been able to keep together.