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Raise the Bar

Over the summer, the series of heart-pumping, exercise-oriented fundraisers will support the daily operation of Place of Hope’s Gray Fitness Center that is located on the Paxson Campus in Palm Beach Gardens.

The center gives resident foster youth convenient access to exercise and fitness equipment, as well as volunteer opportunities for the fitness community to teach our kids healthy habits.

Fit for Hope is designed for all levels and ages to participate. The campaign gives exercisers three steps to get involved with helping foster youth! Get involved by hosting a fitness event, or share your activity and donate today!

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Fit for Hope

Fit for Hope

  1. Get Fit: accept the #fitforhope challenge by performing a fitness activity – capture yourself getting fit!
  2. Donate: donate $5 here.
  3. Get Social: upload your activity to social media, challenge friends to get #fitforhope and tag Place of Hope @placeofhope!
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Click the Donate button, select Fit for Hope from the Designation drop-down menu.
If you heard about #fitforhope from a friend or location, check “Yes” under “Dedicate this gift to a friend or loved one”

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