Kindness & Kids
One of our greatest hopes for our children is that they will grow to be kind. We hope that they will make good decision throughout their lives and choose to help others. Kindness is a characteristic that children learn at a young age. As parents, you focus on teaching them essential skills such as reading and writing. However, children also develop their character from the environment they are in and what they are taught. Here are some easy ways to incorporate acts of kindness into your routines.

Help as a Family
When in situations where kindness should be shown, do not take on the lead role. Ask your children how they think you should handle the situation. This could mean sending flowers to someone when they are sick, cooking a meal for a family or collecting items for those in need.

Perform Small Acts
Not every act of kindness has to be a huge gesture. Small acts can make the biggest impact. Children are always watching to see what their parents are doing and how they react to situations. Model kindness throughout your household and show your kids little ways they can make a difference.

Escaping the Comfort Zone
In order to show kindness we sometime have to be put out of our comfort zone. Having your kids step into situations that they might not voluntarily do will help them to gain new experiences and also the confidence to do it on their own.

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