Introducing…Captain Hope!

Captain Hope

Family vacations, beach days and play dates at the park. Summer is an amazing time of year for families and can be filled with memories that last a lifetime.  We invite you to take Captain Hope along with you this summer, as well as send him to meet your friends and families elsewhere to help raise awareness and financial support for foster kids in our care.  This is an easy and fun way for you to support Place of Hope and our mission to restore hope to abused, abandoned and neglect children in South Florida.

Captain Hope is traveling the world this summer from July 1 – August 15 to support his friends in #fostercare! He wants to meet new friends to raise awareness and financial support for his foster friends back home at Place of Hope.

Step 1:

Visit Captain Hope’s page to print and cut him out!

Step 2: 

Bring Captain Hope on a “fun”draising adventure!

Step 3:

Share Captain Hope’s and your adventures on social media and send him to meet even more friends.