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One Life

Place of Hope Believes One Life Matters

Place of Hope has served nearly 20,000 lives in 20 years. If no one takes action, these children will continue to live a life filled with abuse and neglect.

Our One Life Campaign empowers the community to take action. As in all families, our children have definite needs throughout the year. The number of children being removed from their homes is increasing every day. As the demand for quality family care intensifies, so does our need for your support. Together, we will meet the physical, emotional and developmental needs of the children and youth we have in our care each day.

Every gift that you give will be matched (on a dollar-for-dollar basis) by our One Life Matching Fund Sponsors.

Will you consider providing hope today?

Matching Fund Sponsors

Anonymous Foundation
Berlin Family Foundation
John & Bobbi Erbey
Free Family Foundation
Tom & Kathleen Lane
Cheri & Gordon Martin
Mickey & Brenda Nocera
Psalmonds Family Foundation
(Joe & Angie Psalmonds/Amy Richardson/Jaimee Viola)

To learn more or to sign up, please contact our Advancement Team.

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