26 Mar



Place of Hope and its founder and CEO, Charles Bender

For 20 years of supporting survivors of abuse, neglect, homelessness, and human trafficking


in the House of Representatives

March 26, 2021


Madam Speaker,


As a member of the House of Representatives, I take any example of abuse to our citizens extremely seriously. It is incumbent on the entire United States congress to do our part to tackle this problem. For two decades, Place of Hope and its founder and CEO, Charles Bender, have taken the baton and run its share of the race. Entering its 20th year, the organization continues to do phenomenal work in one part of our pursuit of a more perfect union.

Since its inception, the organization has provided support to over 17,000 survivors of human trafficking, homeless kids, and foster children. To this date, a remarkable 320 “forever families” have been created via adoption. Place of Hope has also helped to generate much-needed awareness for this issue. Over 40,000 community members have been educated about human trafficking under Place of Hope.

Over the years, the organization has expanded its outreach and become a more diverse enterprise. Beginning in 2008, a need for a more robust community foster care program was found. As a result, Homes of Hope was created to help recruit families in the local community to adopt foster children. The Peter and Fern Barsanti Family Life Center was opened in 2010 as another measure to provide therapy and other recreational necessities to the children within the organization’s supervision.

Organizations like Place of Hope are invaluable to making the world a better place for the next generation, particularly those that have endured unimaginable hardship. Children who have been through trafficking, abuse, and neglect have a continuum of support available to them through this terrific project that will continue to do marvelous work for our youth. Designating the month of May as the 20th anniversary of Place of Hope is a necessary step for us to take to help ensure awareness is raised and progress is made.

Place of Hope