Shade Tree Family Outreach

Family Strengthening & Child Abuse Prevention

 Our Shade Tree Family Outreach program was reborn in 2022 in a response to the critical needs to provide material support to families and children who touch or are at risk of touching the child welfare system. Through our Shade Tree Family Outreach Program, we are serving more single mothers, young adults aging out of the foster care system or otherwise homeless youth, and families in crisis than ever before. We are providing family outreach and intervention programs, family strengthening and preservation initiatives, child abuse and neglect prevention initiatives and critical services to families and children who are navigating the child welfare system.

 We have three dedicated outreach locations spanning Boca Raton to Stuart. As the regional headquarters, the Seymour St. John Outreach Center is located on our newly acquired Stuart campus in Martin County and is serving over 100 families per month. Our Paxson Campus in Palm Beach Gardens is centrally located serving the surrounding community, and thanks to the Moss Foundation, our Boca Raton campus has its newest addition with the Renee and David Feder Shade Tree Family Outreach Wing.

 Place of Hope is working with several other organizations to provide material support to families and children who are in need, locally, domestically, and internationally. In working together, we are able to provide inner city outreach, Caribbean outreach and other efforts to deliver resources to people in desperate need: 

  • The Hands and Feet FL
  • New Creation Missionary
  • To Boldly Go
  • Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief (Christ Fellowship Church, Next Level Church, Convoy of Hope, New Creations Missionary, Samaritan’s Purse and Red Dirt Rich BBQ)

Since 2008, we have been able to bless well over 25,000 children, young people and families through our Shade Tree Family Outreach program.


To Boldy Go

An International Ministry in Tizimin, Mexico


What started as a mobile gospel during the pandemic, became a house of ministry providing refuge for those who are hurting, hungry or rejected. For nearly three years, To Boldy Go was praying and searching for a “a ministry house” while bringing to the people hope and love through groceries, free haircuts, community movie nights, youth volleyball games, and more. They found a “fixer upper” piece of property perfect for the ministry, but it would require a lot of sweat equity and funding. Thanks to a lead gift from Place of Hope, the hard work and efforts from the To Boldy Go team, and Gods provision, The Ministry House became a reality as “La Casa del Padre (The Father’s House)” completed construction! This open-air building is complete with everything they need to advance their mission. Together we are serving children and families in Mexico providing them weekly activities like English classes and tutoring, a women’s bible study, a kids bible study, a discipleship program, counseling, rehabilitation, singing and guitar classes and more!


New Creation Missionary

An Inner City and Caribbean Outreach Ministry


For 21 years, New Creation Missionary has worked hand in hand with Place of Hope collaborating on many projects within our Shade Tree Family Outreach program to improve the lives of individuals and families within the West Palm Beach inner city area and some of the impoverished areas in the Caribbean. The missionary takes the “overflow” of gently used items and provides for those in need.  While the last two years has been difficult, for all, our shared mission was strengthened and our bond with the communities grew stronger.  Recently, New Creation Missionary was able to send approximately 3,000 gently used books to schools in the Caribbean – opening a whole new world, through reading, to the students.  Additionally, for the children, we were able to distribute 200 pairs of gently used shoes and over 100 pairs of brand-new slippers. Through Treasures of Hope the missionary was able to distribute home furnishings and other gently used items within the communities we serve.  


The Hands and Feet

Delivering Help and Hope


In 2022 Place of Hope began its work with Hands and Feet with their “Supporting Hands” and “Guiding Hands” programs. Their “Supporting Hands” program delivers essential items to children impacted by the child welfare system. Their “Guiding Hands” program provides support to aged out youth bridging the gap between these youth and community members who may was to support them. Three of their five locations are on Place of Hope campuses: Place of Hope Stuart (The Shade Tree Family Outreach headquarters), Place of Hope Paxson Campus in Palm Beach Gardens, and The Leighan and David Rinker Campus in Boca Raton.


Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

Whatever you do for the least of these, you did for me. Matthew 25:40


Shining a light in the darkest hours, Place of Hope teamed up with Next Level Church of Ft. Myers, Christ Fellowship Church, Convoy of Hope, , New Creation Missionary, Samaritan’s Purse and Red Dirt Rich BBQ to serve those devastated by Hurricane Ian in October 2022. Together we were able to provide hurricane essentials to over 20,000 individuals, 125,00 hot meals to First Responders, shelters, hospitals and those on the front lines. We mobilized 100 teams of volunteers to do projects from tarping roofs, clearing debris, clearing flooded houses.