Marc & Dequan

Marc and Dequan’s story began in 2016 when Dequan came into our care at age 13 after traumatic events happened at home. Reserved and quiet, Dequan did not know what to expect or who he could trust. Then he met Marc, a Case Coordinator at Place of Hope, and the […]

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Tonya came into Place of Hope’s care when she was a teenager after a friend notified local police of abuse at home. Prior to coming into our care, she involved herself as much as possible in school programs to avoid the harsh circumstances of her home life. Upon arriving at […]

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Samson and his younger sister came into Place of Hope’s care when they were teens due to violence in their home. Samson’s football coach had noticed a change in his behavior and appearance, which lead him to look into Samson’s home life. Throughout the transition, Samson couldn’t help but worry […]

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Our Youth

The children and youth at Place of Hope have experienced tragedies of abuse and neglect. Will and Dorson were living on the street, Rasool was not eating, Kerri was exposed to drugs and an unsafe lifestyle, Josh was abused and witnessed the abuse of his younger sisters, Ryan did not […]

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Keith and Michelle

Travis & Michelle

Last Fall Travis and Michelle were in the process of adopting the child who was placed with them. Travis felt that they should take a few months “off” from taking in any more children. The holidays were quickly approaching and his work load was increasing, life was going to get […]

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Luke & Jenny

Luke, Jenny and their two daughters, Ellie and Kira, began their fostering journey with Place of Hope about five years ago. They adopted their second placement, Jax, after having him in their home for more than a year. Luke and Jenny then had a seven-week-old boy placed in their care […]

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Growing up, Will and his brother were forced to live in motels and bounced from one abandoned home to the other after their mom lost her job. In 2008, the boys were brought to Place of Hope. Will was given a scholarship to Jupiter Christian School where he played football. […]

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Tiffany came into the care of Joann’s Cottage at twenty-two years old. She decided that she wanted to live life independently and pursue her dreams. Pregnant, with no job or car, all of the odds seemed to be stacked against her. When Tiffany first arrived at Joann’s Cottage, transitioning to […]

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Rasool was born in Iraq where he lived until he was nine years old. His family moved to Lebanon, then three years later, to the United States. Rasool was scared and did not know what to expect in America. When Rasool’s family arrived in Florida, they fell on hardship. It […]

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At a very young age Kerri’s dad passed away and her mother fell into a life controlled by drugs and alcohol. Kerri found herself in an extremely unstable environment and always had a spirit of fear. When she was home she never knew who would be coming into her house. […]

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