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“I came to Place of Hope with my older brother and younger sister, when I was in third grade. I had been at Place of Hope for six years when God brought the Cannons, my forever family, into my life. I really did not think I would ever be adopted. Then one day our cottage parents told us that a family from our school wanted to adopt my brother and me. Through some amazing circumstances, God brought all of us together and now we have been a family for five years! Upon graduating, I got a football scholarship to a Christian college in Pennsylvania and have been attending there for two years. In my first year, I was named ‘Rookie of the Year’ in defense for the conference and got to go to the New York Giants’ stadium and receive the award. I also was second in the conference on punt returns and scored in my first game with a school record 99 yard return for a touchdown. I hope to continue my education at Geneva and earn my degree in Sports Management, and perhaps, go to law school. I am so thankful that God brought me to Place of Hope and the most loving family anyone could ask for.”

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