Tiffany came into the care of Joann’s Cottage at twenty-two years old. She decided that she wanted to live life independently and pursue her dreams. Pregnant, with no job or car, all of the odds seemed to be stacked against her. When Tiffany first arrived at Joann’s Cottage, transitioning to having new rules and doing things for herself was difficult. After some adjustment, she found she was surrounded by people who genuinely cared for her. The staff at Joann’s Cottage wrapped around her and offered her a support system that she had not experienced before. At Joann’s Cottage, Tiffany received parenting classes, help navigating newborn care and encouragement to pursue her education—all the tools she needed to be a successful mother. Tiffany is now excelling in all areas of her life. She teaches at a pre-school and has a happy, healthy two-year-old. When asked what people should know about Joann’s Cottage, she replied, “It is a truly amazing place. Every girl that is in a similar situation should know that this is a resource for them. It gives young women the opportunity to have their child in a stable environment and creates a ‘safe-zone’. Even though I am no longer at Joann’s, I know that I can still go back any time I need advice or have a problem.”