Tonya came into Place of Hope’s care when she was a teenager after a friend notified local police of abuse at home. Prior to coming into our care, she involved herself as much as possible in school programs to avoid the harsh circumstances of her home life. Upon arriving at Place of Hope, Tonya felt scared and alone because she didn’t know what to expect. However, she was happily surprised by the love and care she received from her Cottage Parents. She loved learning about them and became more open to building new relationships. Throughout every step of her journey, she felt supported and was able to become more independent. When asked what she would say to children currently in our care, she said, “Place of Hope is there to love you and help you grow. You can overcome anything you face.” Tonya is currently working at Friends of Foster Children while studying business at Florida Atlantic University. She desires to make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care.