06 Jun

The heART of Giving

How do you teach kids to give back in a time when they’re surrounded by the world telling them it is better to receive?

Every Day is a Good Day

Show kids that giving back should not be focused just around the holidays.  It is a year round effort that should be engaging and create learning experiences. Start teaching kids at a young age the joy of giving to others. Studies show that between the ages of three and five is the best time to have them begin to learn. For older children, give them an allowance each week/month and let them willingly decide what they should do with it. This will give them a sense of ownership.

Tools for Success

When teaching kids the spirit of giving you want it to be an engaging and fun experience. Give them tools to help them give back while also seeing the difference they are making. One example of this is having a “themed” piggy bank where they can visually see what they are saving. Once the bank is full they are able to donate that to a cause of their choice.

An easy way to start is with the Place of Hope Kids Helping Kids program.

“It is better to serve than to be served”

Time is one of the most important things that a child can learn to give. Find opportunities within the community where they can be involved and see the difference they are making. This can also be something that the family gets involved in and creates a bonding experience. Below are some ideas you can implement to give back while also having a memorable experience:

  • Fashion Show: Go through the closets and put on a fun fashion show in your home! Anything that does not fit anymore or does not get the judges (family) approval put in a box for donating.
  • Family Meals: Cook a meal for a family in need. Have the kids create a menu of their favorite foods and then assist you in preparing it. Cook it together and then bring it to someone who is in need. Place of Hope’s family cottages are always looking for this! Click here to learn more about this opportunity.
  • Create themed gifts at the holidays: For Easter create baskets that you can bring to other children, donate old Halloween costumes that you no longer need, cook a meal for a family at Thanksgiving or go to a soup kitchen to serve, or wrap Christmas presents and bring to children who are in need.

Deuteronomy 15:10
“Be sure to give to them without any hesitation. When you do this, the Lord your God will bless you in everything you work for and set out to do.”

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