The Impact


The Impact

Many children in foster care come from traumatic circumstances. At Place of Hope, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to change their story for the better. We have created a unique environment that is therapeutic and encourages children to heal, grow and thrive.

When you participate in our One Life Campaign, you join us in our mission to provide safety, hope, and restoration to countless young people in our care. With the help of faithful and diligent members of our community, we can continue to guide the lives of our children. Every contribution made affects countless futures.

Here is how your involvement and investment can have a specific impact!

$25 Birthday Present/Cake “My 16th birthday was my first celebration ever.”
$50 Extracurricular Activities “My debate team took first place!”
$100 Transportation “I feel like a real family when we drive places together.”
$200 Academics/Education “For the first time, I like going to school.”
$250 Vacation “I swam in the ocean for the first time.”
$500 Recreation “I’ll never forget the first time our soccer team won!”
$1,000 Personal Care “My teeth don’t hurt anymore.”
$1,500 Clothing “I never knew what clean clothes smelled like.”
$2,000 Meals “I love our family meals together.”

To learn more or to sign up, please contact: Jamie Bond

Place of Hope