Why I Support Place of Hope!

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Why I Support Place of Hope!

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Senator Bobby Powell Jr.
John Kenning G4S Americas
Sheriff Bradshaw PBSO
Joseph Abruzzo
FL Legislators Tribute
Representative Trabulsy
Commisioner Weinroth
Senator Rubio
Mayor Singer
Attorney D. Aronberg
Attorney General Moody
Congressman Deutch
Congressman Mast
Commissioner McKinlay
Martin County Board of Commissioners Proclamation
Senator Harrell
BOCC Proclamation
Senator Scott
Sheriff Snyder
Sheriff Mascara


“It is an honor to be with organizations like Place of Hope that do so much to give hope to the world. Thank you to Place of Hope for all of their work! We all need someone in our lives to make a difference. I have so much respect for the non-profits that take on this kind of work; there is so much work to be done.” Elizabeth Smart

AG Moody Social Quote

Learn how you can steward your resources to support Place of Hope. Email Director of Advancement & Development, Jamie Bond at [email protected] or call 561-775-7195.

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