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Family Business Fund

“When I was younger, I was determined to build a future for my children that was better than my own. I am grateful to be in the position in life where I can give back to the next generation. My company, Family Business Fund, has committed to donating a portion of every funding deal to Place of Hope. I am truly honored to be part of the Place of Hope and their mission to help provide stable and loving environments for our youth.”

– Douglas Muir

Florida Coast Equipment

FCE Cares has pledged a portion of its fourth quarter sales to Place of Hope with a goal totaling $25,000 as the company expands and reaches ten locations championing its product quality. “Florida Coast Equipment believes Place of Hope is changing the lives of children and young adults. We have seen first-hand the positive impact the efforts the POH staff can have setting meaningful foundations to help them on their journey. We are proud to bring awareness, knowledge and support for this meaningful cause.”

-Trisha Bachman

Crypto Capital

To learn more please contact Jamie Bond at [email protected]

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Clay Shoot

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Hope Bash Palm Beach

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Hope Bash Boca

Hope Bash

Treasure Coast

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Fish for Hope

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Planned Giving Council

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Leadership Advisory Council

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