Kid Sanctuary


Our Sam & Connie Frankino KidSanctuary Campus, provides faith-based family-style Neighborhood Foster Care in our unique family cottages, with placement priority given to large sibling groups and other special needs (“hard to place”) children in foster care in need of consistent, structured, family-based care (as long as needed). These family cottages are located within unique, safe, and serene residential neighborhoods. Although individual circumstances and the courts determine the precise length of stay for each child, we strive to provide a stable and loving family home for children until they either attain permanency (family reunification or adoption) or are of age to live independently (age out). Our proven, effective model employs professionally trained live-in Foster (Cottage) Parents caring for no more than six children in each family cottage. Our cottage parents devote their full time, talents, and energies to the children, creating a stable and structured traditional family setting. This promotes everyday skills and social development, preparing children for life’s challenges an healthy independence.

Our Cottages: 

  • Dodero Cottage
  • Rubin Cottage
  • Sam’s Cottage
  • Sprayregen Cottage

This campus also features the Angel Crossing Enrichment Center.

Dodero Cottage

KidSanctuary Campus opened their second home, Dodero Cottage on August 1, 2014. Joe Fava, design chair was there to welcome the six girls and their foster parents into their new home.

He decorated the kitchen, living room and powder room in modern motifs that ooze pink, purple and taupe.

“It’s pretty spectacular,” said Mr. Fava. “It’s probably going to be one of the most sophisticated looking houses that anybody’s seen for awhile. Pinks and purples — that was kind of the overall theme,” Mr. Fava said. “The designers really stepped up to the plate. Everyone just got into it. It continually amazes me how generous people are, especially in the design community. I’m proud of that, and I’m proud of them.”

“These kids have been through horrendous periods at such an early stage of their lives,” he continued. “For us to be able to come together as community and pool our efforts to create these spaces, that just shows the girls that there are people out there who care.”

Rubin Cottage

In November, 2012 Kidsanctuary Campus celebrated the opening of its first home on campus, the Rubin Cottage, named in honor of the J.M. Rubin Foundation which generously sponored this new home.

The interior design and décor was donated by our incredible team of local interior designers and their suppliers led by Angela Reynolds. J.M. Rubin Cottage was built entirely on the generosity of our donors.

Angela’s advice to the girls: “Never look back except for an occasional glance, look ahead and plan for the future.” 

Today it is home to six young foster girls who have been given the opportunity to live in a safe, nurturing family environment.

Sam’s Cottage

Sam’s Cottage for Boys broke ground in the Fall of 2014 and celebrated its Grand Opening on August 1, 2015!

The Boys Cottage campaign invited 20 top interior designers to create the extra special designs and interior room features for the boys in foster care who will reside on our unique Campus.

Sprayregen Cottage

“I want to thank Mr. Gerald Sprayregen for his support to KidSanctuary Campus and honored to recognize his generousity by naming the fourth cottage on our campus, The Sprayregen Cottage for Boys. I would also like to thank the designers, vendors, and donors who decorate each room of this cottage with love and for making it a beautiful home for local foster care children.” – Connie M. Frankino