Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a necessary part of the functioning and development of Place of Hope. We are in consistent need of people who are willing to volunteer their time and skills in whatever area they can. Whether you are a mentor, a cook, or a handyman, we invite and encourage you to utilize your God-given abilities to serve alongside us in this ministry.

The time you invest volunteering at Place of Hope will have a lasting impact on the lives of the many children and teens in our care. We are excited to meet members of the community who are willing to support our mission – one child, family, and young adult at a time.

Volunteer Today!

Sorry for the inconvenience but please SAVE your application and email our volunteer coordinator, Sophia at sophiad@placeofhope.com.
Packets may also be faxed to 561-775-1758.

Family Cottages Volunteer Opportunities


  • You will work one-on-one with a child from Place of Hope’s group homes
  • Potential mentors will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine the best mentor/mentee match and a background check is required
  • You commit to calling your mentee once a week
  • You commit to taking him or her out at least twice a month to participate in a meaningful activity
  • You commit to mentoring for at least one year

Family Cottage Mentor

  • You will be willing to help transport and cheer on our youth in all of the activities they are involved in such as sports
  • You will transport one or a group of children from Place of Hope’s family cottages
  • You commit to mentoring for at least six months


  • You will work one-on-one with one child from Place of Hope
  • You commit to coming to Place of Hope’s campus once a week to tutor
  • We ask that tutors commit to work with the student(s) through the end of the school year
  • Potential tutors will meet with the Education Coordinator to determine the best tutor/student match
  • In general, tutors will need to be familiar with Common Core curriculum and comfortable with that teaching method
  • Tutoring is generally for an hour-long session per student each week in the late afternoon or evening


  • We ask that you would prepare or purchase a meal to feed 8 (6 children and 2 house parents)
  • You can commit to delivering a meal once a week, once a month or any day you are able to do so
  • We ask that you would arrange drop off to our front office (Mon – Fri 8:00 a.m. – 4:30p.m.) We will rotate the meals to our cottages.
  • If you prefer a later drop-off time or weekend delivery, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss

Paxson Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Clothing Organization

We recently expanded our clothing closet for new and gently used donated clothes for our children and youth. We have 2 opportunities a month for volunteers to help sort, wash and organize donated clothes. You can volunteer one time or on a reoccurring basis.

Villages of Hope Volunteer Opportunities

  • Teach an hour-long Life Skills class to the residents of VOH. You may choose a topic from the below list or come up with your own.
  • The Life Skills Classes take place from 7-8pm every last Wednesday of the month.
  • Class size varies, but generally is from 8 to 12 young adults.
  • Villages of Hope Campus: 3551 Burma Circle, Lake Park, FL 33403

Sample of General Life Skills Class Topics

  • Money Management (Budgeting/Filing Taxes/Debt)
  • Daily Living / Home Life
  • Social Relationships / Communication
  • Self-Care
  • Work & Study Skills / Work Life / Career Planning

Joann's Cottage Volunteer Opportunities

  • Teach an hour-long Life Skills class to the residents of Joann’s Cottage. You may choose a topic from the above list or come up with your own
  • The Life Skills Classes take place different times throughout the week depending on the availability
  • Class size varies, but generally is from 3 to 6 young adults
  • Joann’s Cottage Campus: 3564 Burma Circle, Lake Park, FL 33403


  • We ask that you be able to cook for at least 8 people
  • Can commit to cooking meals once a week, every other week, once month or less frequently
  • We ask that you arrange drop off times with our Curriculum Coordinator
  • We are also asking for someone who is willing to volunteer their time to come to Joann’s Cottage one evening to prepare a meal with the girls.


  • You will work with one or more girls at Joann’s Cottage
  • You will be able to commit to coming to Joann’s cottage once a week for at least one full school year.


  • You will work one on one with a girl at Joann’s Cottage. We ask that you schedule with the Curriculum Coordinator and commit to meeting with a girl at least one time ever two weeks
  • You will commit to mentoring at least one year

Treasures for Hope Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to join our team as we serve together to impact the lives of children and young adults. There’s a variety of opportunities for you to serve.

For more information, please contact Treasures for Hope at 561-691-8881 or visit www.treasuresforhope.org.

Professional Support Opportunities

If you are a professional with talents and abilities to help the children or professional staff at Place of Hope, we would love for you to be involved with our ministry. Please consider how you might serve in the following areas:

  • Dental – help a child by providing routine cleaning and special services
  • Medical – help a child by providing annual physical exams, special lab work or treatment while ill
  • Legal – help our staff review legal documents, formulate contracts, etc.
  • Fundraising – lend your expertise to help Place of Hope successfully raise funds
  • Construction – lend your talents and resources to help improve or expand our campus

Please know that every volunteer opportunity – whether direct care or not – supports the children here and allows us to keep our doors open to the children who need us. Any type of help we can get is going to help their futures get a little bit brighter.

To learn more or to sign up, please contact: Sophia Dolcine, Volunteer Coordinator.
You must be at least 18 years of age to interact with the youth in our care.