The hot summer days spent lounging by the pool and eating popsicles are coming to a close! The school year is upon us. Below are tips on how to have a smooth and stress free transitioning time.


Now is the time to try and get your kids back into their routines. Sit down and review with them what the weekly schedule is going to look like throughout the school year. This can include what time they will wake up, their pick up time from school, any after school activities and what time they should head to bed. Gradually getting back to an earlier bedtime will help kids have an easier adjustment period.


For some, the first days of school can be scary. This is especially true if they are starting at a new school. Take the time to drive them by their new school and walk the grounds if you are able to. This will help ease the anxiety of the “unknown” and give them a better idea of where they will be attending.


Back to school is not just hectic for the kids, it is hectic for the parents as well! Making sure you have everything in place for a successful school year ahead of time is crucial. Find important dates that happen throughout the school year and mark them down. This can include teacher conferences, early release days and holidays they will be out of school. It will also be helpful to create a filing system where you can easily organize any papers your child brings home. Label each file with things such as: papers to sign, important dates, upcoming events and school projects.

By doing just a few of these things you are sure to have an easier transition from summer nights to school days. 

The children and youth at Place of Hope also have trouble transitioning into a new school year. When they first come into our care, they often only have the possessions they are carrying and do not arrive with the supplies necessary to succeed in school.

Upon their arrival at Place of Hope, each child is given a “blessing bag” that contains essential items. They may come with nothing, but they will leave with something! If you would like to take part in, or contribute to this blessing please contact Sophia at [email protected] or 561-775-7195.