It Starts with ONE Question…

How can I help?

Many people want to volunteer their time and make a difference in the community but simply come up with excuses of why they can’t.  Although they all may seem like valid reasons not to volunteer, there are a thousand more reasons why you should. So, what are you waiting for!

Here are just a couple of ways that volunteering will benefit you:

  • Sense of Ownership and Visible Progression

Volunteering in an organization will allow you to gain a sense of ownership and belonging. This happens naturally by forming relationships with co-volunteers and the people you could potentially be working with. By being present regularly you will start to see the progression of the business/organization as well. Seeing how the organization you are at is starting to take on new projects or the child you are mentoring is making strides of progress.

  • Gaining New Knowledge

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and volunteering for a task you have never done before will teach you new skills.


Ways to Get Involved

  • Events
    • Volunteer at an event being put on by an organization you appreciate. They are always looking for more hands to make a successful event possible. Greet guests as they walk in, hand out raffle tickets or work a registration desk!
    • Place of Hope has four signature events each year: Hope Bash, Golf Invitational, Sporting Clays Fun Shoot, and Fish for Hope Tournament. We also have smaller events throughout the year where you can also make an impact, such as – Fit for Hope, Angel Moms Brunch, and the Sea of Hope Luncheon. Contact us today.
  • Time
    • The most valuable thing you can give is your time. Find a youth who you can mentor, tutor or teach them a new life skill. It can be as simple as coaching a youth sports team, teaching them how to budget their money or being a listening ear when they need one.
  • Resources
    • The resources and connections that you possess might just be the missing puzzle piece that the organization is in need of. A few examples would be – a company donating their resources to create and produce a t-shirt for an event, a retail shop offering some of their items for an event auction, or a personal connection to a company that could offer sponsorship/advertising opportunities.
  • Host an Event
    • Party with a Purpose is a fun and tangible way to support our children and youth while getting your friends involved! As you “do life” with your family, friends, colleagues and church groups, celebrate “giving life” to a child in foster care.

Here at Place of Hope we have great opportunities and are always looking for volunteers to help make our programs a success. To learn more visit our volunteer opportunities page.